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Elaine’s purpose is to bring the energizing, creative and humanizing powers of reflection, reflective learning and reflective practices to leaders, people professionals and development practitioners everywhere for purposeful, courageous, compassionate, and ethical practice.

Elaine’s pioneering campaign and forthcoming book “Reflect to Create!” is based on the findings of her original research. “Reflect to Create!”  is also inspiring new roadmaps and a new suite of offers to help leaders and people practitioners learn how to access their our own unique creativity, brilliance, humanity and wisdom to – as Gandhi said – “BE the change they want to see in their world”.

Elaine is an international executive coach, coach supervisor, thinking partner, organisational development consultant and writer. She is Co-Founder and Creative Director at the Coaching Supervision Academy’s International Centre for Reflective Practice. Elaine’s work is grounded in her 20 years of senior leadership and corporate experience, in her rigorous relational, systemic and psychological training, her mindfulness, her original research and in her love of the arts, nature and Nordic walking.

“Elaine Patterson is a first class Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor who demonstrates in both her attitude and her practice the highest standards of Executive Coaching. She has a big impact on her clients and works successfully across the full range of coaching situations and contexts. Her insightfulness and humanity are well balanced by excellent training and dedication to her Continuing Professional Development.’

Edna Murdoch: Director Coaching Supervision Academy

“I would recommend Elaine to anyone in search of an Executive Coach. Whilst allowing me always to set the agenda and pace at our meetings, she is nonetheless rigorous in bringing me back to my strengths and development needs, enabling me to take charge of my on-going development, and to identify for myself successful work-related strategies and solutions. I leave meetings with Elaine feeling positive, empowered, and energised”

Althea Efunshile: Executive Director at Arts Council England

“Elaine has an authentic illuminating energy which rubs off on others – a fine balance between having an appreciated positive approach while equally holding her clients to account to reach their greatest performance levels. She is a true professional”

Katherine Tulpa: Chief Executive, Association of Coaching