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Hello I am Elaine Patterson.

Welcome to the Centre for Reflection and Creativity the home of creative reflection, executive coaching, and supervision for busy leaders and people professionals who want to explore the heart and soul of WHO they are and HOW they work for wise practice and inspired living.

Are you ready to discover how reflection can free your natural creativity ?

Let us start our work together!

Reflection and Creativity

Bespoke learning experiences and retreats based on my new book “Reflect to Create!  The Dance of Reflection, Reflective Practice and Supervision for Creative Leadership and Professional Practice” are co-designed with you to create soulful, warmhearted, creative and reflective spaces for powerful discovery, insight, learning, and change.


“Reflect to Create!  ” The Dance of Reflection for Creative Leadership, Professional Practice and Supervision”

Out Now!

Our Humanity@WorkUtiliser la méthode des 7Cs – les 7 capacités humaines – pour apprendre, comprendre et transformer Une Nouvelle Vision Du Coaching, De La Supervision Du Coaching et de la Reflexion... traduit en français par CSA Graduate et fondatrice de Nova Terra Coaching School in Brussels, Feryal Hassaïne



New Reflective Journals

Two new Reflective Journals and Workbooks have just been published!


Reflect to Create! The Dance of Reflection for Creative Leadership, Professional Practice and Supervision
“Our Humanity@Work” Working with the 7Cs - the 7 Human Capacities - for Learning, Insight and Change. A New Lens for Coaching, Coaching Supervision and Executive Reflection ( now available in French!)

Next Retreats & Workshops

I am delighted to announce a new flagship EMCC Global EQA Practitioner Diploma from PattersonPrenticeDesigns
Booking Now for November 2021!

Cultivating and Choreographing the Rich Tapestry of Whole Hearted Creativity

Virtual 12 month Inquiry to re-Source You and re-Vitalise your Professional Life

A new EMCC Global Quality Award Level 5 Bespoke Accredited Practitioner Diploma Programme from PattersonPrenticeDesigns


We are also in partnership with Arvon to host a weekend Autumn Equinox Retreat “Harvesting the Abundance’ at The Hurst in Shropshire on the 8th to 10th October 2021

PattersonPrentice Designs

New Series! Sacred Landscape: Bringing the Seasons & Nature into our work as Coaches, Mentors, & Supervisors.
Just to let you know that Karyn Prentice and I as PattersonPrenticeDesigns are running a year long webinar series (meeting at the threshold of each of the 5 seasons over the course of the year) for the EMCC. The series is called Sacred Landscape: Bringing the Seasons & Nature into our work as Coaches, Mentors, & Supervisors. 
The series is inspired by Karyn’s book “Natures Way” which is available on Amazon with additional materials.
The series starts on the 12th January 2021 and you can book by following this link:

New AC Autumn Webinar Series

Join us - Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice from the award winning PattersonPrenticeDesigns - in a new Autumn Webinar series for The Association of Coaching called “Creative Reflections to Revitalise your Coaching Practice”.


To book please click here .

What People Say


“Elaine Patterson is a first class Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor who demonstrates in both her attitude and her practice the highest standards of Executive Coaching. She has a big impact on her clients and works successfully across the full range of coaching situations and contexts. Her insightfulness and humanity are well balanced by excellent training and dedication to her Continuing Professional Development.’

Edna Murdoch: Director Coaching Supervision Academy

“I have no hesitation in using the superlative “excellent” in respect of her work. She is thoughtful, perceptive and can be equally supportive and challenging of her clients as required. She is also clearly intelligent and uses creative and innovative approaches to issues presented. She brings the highest level of commitment and professionalism to her work”.

Mike White: Senior Partner Working With People

“I would recommend Elaine to anyone in search of an Executive Coach. Whilst allowing me always to set the agenda and pace at our meetings, she is nonetheless rigorous in bringing me back to my strengths and development needs, enabling me to take charge of my on-going development, and to identify for myself successful work-related strategies and solutions. I leave meetings with Elaine feeling positive, empowered, and energised”

Althea Efunshile: Executive Director at Arts Council England

“Elaine has an authentic illuminating energy which rubs off on others – a fine balance between having an appreciated positive approach while equally holding her clients to account to reach their greatest performance levels. She is a true professional, who takes her own development seriously, continually striving for the highest standards both personally and professionally.”

Katherine Tulpa: Chief Executive, Association of Coaching

“Yes, thank you Elaine for your flexibility and belief in me to achieve my potential. You are almost telepathic in the way that you know what I am thinking. I respect your intuition, empathetic and direct style of coaching and found myself totally trusting your approach. Some great coaching moments that truly inspired and motivated me.”

BAA HR Business Partner

“Elaine helped me to release the potential in me to achieve my deep dreams and to make them real. Any time I have spoken with her I have gained in self-confidence and I have become stronger. Her style and her approach has determined my signature presence and my style of coaching”.

OD Consultant, Budapest

“Elaine is a highly experienced supervisor with a light touch. Her relational presence is supportive, her insights and observations useful and informative. Our supervision relationship guided me through periods of intense personal change and nurtured me through some challenging times”

Liz Nottingham, HR Director in Social Media EMEA at R/GA

“I started my supervision with Elaine curious about how to create the space for transformational learning to take place and she has shown me that in abundance. At key moments Elaine was there with tenderness and guidance. We played with metaphors together creating images of myself working authentically as a reflective practitioner. Elaine listened to what my heart was saying I needed and played it back to me so I would take notice and respond. Her acceptance without judgement provided me with the safety to explore and celebrate with joy who I am and how I practice”

Frances Mathews Executive Coach, Q-Learning Ltd

Reflections” Subscription

“Reflections” is a fortnightly term time only photo journal and blog with a difference! In it I will share insights and inspirations from my book and regular Journaling practice. Sign up here!


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