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The Parliamentary Review


Executive Reflection Selected for 2019 Leadership Best Practice

I am delighted to have partnered with Jackie Arnold at Coach4Executives to be featured as an example of Best Practice in the 2019 Parliamentary Review for Education Services, which is co-chaired by the Rt Hon The Lord Blunkett and Rt Hon The Lord Pickles. The Reception is this evening in London.

In the 2019 Parliamentary Review we share how the practice of Executive Reflection and Reflective Leadership can resource and support global leaders leading in a global world. We found that Executive Reflection helps global leaders bridge the gaps between the past, present and future, across agendas, across cultures and across regions: this supports the implementation of their organisations’ purpose in harmony with the 2030 United Nations 17 Goals for Sustainable Development with new ways of seeing, thinking, relating, learning and creating.

An Action Research Project co-lead by myself and Jackie – and supervised by Dr. Alison Hodge – with 10 Volunteer Global Leaders and 10 Volunteer Executive Reflection Practitioners (who all hold the Diploma in Coaching Supervision from the Coaching Supervision Academy Ltd) showed that

“Executive Reflection is a vital, invaluable and imperative oasis for leaders everywhere to lead wisely, skilfully and intelligently”

The full report is available on the link below:

Click below for the downloadable PDF

Parliamentary Review_Coach4Executives Article

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