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Finding Your Rhythm Profiling Practice 113: Inquiry: Befriending Our Soul’s Wisdom

Weekly Practice No. 12

Every week we profile one of the “Reflect to Create! “ practices from my book, they are chosen at random from a jar on my desk.  My invitation is for you to try it out if it speaks to you in some way.

Auric meditation

This week we are profiling Practice 113: Befriending Our Soul’s Wisdom (from page 195 of my book).

Practice 113 is one of the dance steps in The Flow’s Reflection’s Fertile Void – to step into stillness to receive reflection’s generative and creative inspiration.

Finding Freedom is the dance step, which invites us to tune into our intuition and allowing our inner wisdom to guide us home.

For me Practice 113 reminds me that our souls bring us home to ourselves. Our souls want to tell us the truth about ourselves and our world. Our souls give us the language to connect with others though the gift of life and through our shared humanity.

For Mary Oliver¹:

Nobody knows what the soul is,

it comes and goes like,

wind on the water.


As Mary says², ‘This is the first, wildest and wisest thing I know … that the soul exists and it is built entirely out of attentiveness.’

Practice 113 is a deeply reflective and meditative practice.

Ask yourself:

  • ‘When did I last feel my soul? Try to capture the experience through journaling, writing or drawing or through sharing it with another person. What happened? How did it happen?
  • ‘When did I last hear the whisperings of my soul?’ Again try to capture the experience. What did your soul whisper to you? How did you react?
  • ‘How can I befriend your soul more?’
  • ‘How does my soul like to be treated by me?’

Have a go!

Start with small steps.

Reflect on what you are noticing.

Please do share your stories so we can all learn together.

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[1] Oliver, M. (1995) Maybe” in Robert Bly Ed., The Soul is Here for its Own Joy: Sacred Poems from Many Cultures. Pp15. Hopewell, N. J. Ecco Press

[2] Oliver, M. (2001) ‘Low Tide’ Pp 34. Amicus Journal, Winter 2001

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