So… as we hurtle into our Festival of Lights I wanted to thank you so very much for your support. I have really appreciated your presence and participation as we breathe live into Reflect to Create and as you nurture your own reflective practices to learn how we can be our best selves – and in so doing help others to do the same for themselves. The Studio will shut now until Friday 10th January but I wanted to leave you with a gift of Reflect to Create! labyrinth as I profile Practice 96 and as you imbibe the energies of winters quiet reflective energies and look forward to the start of a new decade.

Wishing you and yours all the very best for Christmas and for 2020!



The Labyrinth based on Chartres at Tofte Manor in Souldrop, Bedfordshire where Karyn Prentice and I have held our Spring and Autumn Equinox Retreats


The Christmas gift to Practice 96:  Walking or Writing a Labyrinth (from page 174 of my book). 

Practice 96 is in the suite of The Flow’s Art of Listening. Learning to listen to ourselves, to others and to life – with a willingness to be changed by it – is a radical act of deep respect and humility. 

The sacred geometry of the Labyrinth is a meditation to help us to access our inner wisdom and the Divine within us. A labyrinth is not a maze. It is often said that we enter a maze to lose ourselves, and a labyrinth to find ourselves. Labyrinths have only one path to the centre and back out again. The choice is whether we want to trust the process to enter it. Perhaps the most famous labyrinth is at Chartres Cathedral in Paris. We can either physically walk a labyrinth and please download the attached PDF to trace your fingers or write your way in and out of the labyrinth. 

On one side start to enter the labyrinth and travel to the centre by tracing your finger or writing from the right foot of the dancer (as you are looking at the page). When you are ready, turn the paper over and start your return by tracing your finger or writing from the centre from the left foot of the dancer (as you are looking at the page).

For the practice: 

  • Frame your question or inquiry for contemplation.
  • Ground and centre yourself.
  • When you are ready, enter the Labyrinth calmly and slowly. Open your senses. 
  • Gently, tune into your feet walking, your fingers tracing or your pen flowing on the paper. Listen to what is coming up for you.
  • Gently follow the path until you reach the centre. As you enter you are releasing.
  • Stay in the centre for as long as you need. Here you are receiving. Keep listening to what is coming up for you
  • When you are ready, begin your return journey. Here you are returning. Keep listening to what is coming up for you
  • When you have exited the Labyrinth reflect or journal to capture your experience.


Reflect on what you are noticing.

Please do share your stories so we can all learn together.

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