Weekly Practice 34

Every week we profile one of the “Reflect to Create! “ practices from my book, they are chosen at random from a jar on my desk.  My invitation is for you to try it out if it speaks to you in some way.


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This week we are profiling Practice 27: Changing Your Storylines  (from page 76 of my book). 

Practice 27 is one of the dance steps in The Opening’s Suspending Habits, which focuses on letting go of what no longer serves to make space for what wants to emerge. Letting go is a powerful inward manoeuvre to free ourselves to become more open to re-shaping the old or birthing the new. 

I have chosen Practice 27 because this week I am very conscious of the stories we tell ourselves – and how these stories can either imprison or free us – and everything in-between! I know I am in the process of reviewing some of what I thought was true to make way for a new reality with a member of my own family.

We define ourselves by the stories we tell ourselves. The stories come from deep within us: our childhood memories, our unconscious scripts, and our own interpretation of what we see and what we experience. These stories can either confine us or set us free. 

For this practice ask yourself:

  • Am I boring myself with the stories I keep telling myself? 
  • Who would I be without that particular story or story-line?
  • How would the story(ies) read if I was a faulty witness to my own story(ies)?
  • How can I write a new chapter or design a different ending to my story(ies)?
  • Which of my story or stories deserve and demand my immediate redrafting?

This is an extract from a poem Judy Brown wrote called, ‘The Story That We Tell’¹:

The story that we tell
about what we must do
or be, or say,
deafens us to music
that is ours alone to play.

The story that is ours
to live completely
is a mystery to us –
because we are busy telling ourselves stories
that no longer fit –
until we wake one day
and see life with newly opened eyes,
full of surprise.

Have a go! 

Start with small steps.

Reflect on what you are noticing.

Please do share your stories so we can all learn together.

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¹      Brown, J. (2012) Poem ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’ was cited in The Art and Spirit of Leadership. Pp 302. USA, Trafford Publishing.

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