New Mini Series Week 4: Reflect to Create! Invitation to the Dance!

New Mini Series – Week 4: Reflect to Create! – Invitation to the Dance!


Photo by Dave Hofman on Unsplash

Only love expands intelligence. To live in love is to accept the other and the conditions of this existence as a source of richness, not as opposition, restriction or limitation

Humberto Maturna


In this mini four week series, I invite you to explore the top notes of Reflect to Create’s choreography with a live question or inquiry you are holding at the moment.  If you missed the start of the Series please click here for Weeks 1, 2 and 3.


Reflect to Create’s choreography is cast in four headline moves, is universal and can be applied in any dimension, level or context.  Just adapt it as you need and for your context! 


In Week 4, we explore the practices for Relating to the Whole which is part of Move 2’s The Opening.


Relating to the Whole invites you to embrace the heart’s natural intelligence and innate capacities for love, relationship, connection and compassion.  We can see broader perspectives when we shift our working from ‘I’ to ‘me’ to a deeper appreciation of ‘we’ and ‘us’ with a sense of our interconnectedness, interrelatedness and humanity.


Working on your question from Week 1 and in your journal, scrapbook or sketchbook ask yourself


  1. Where are the thresholds or points of relationship and connection here for you now?
  2. Where are the gaps and absences?
  3. What does your heart want you to embrace or come to know?
  4. What is your compassion and appreciation of our shared humanity inviting you to consider here?


Please DM me with any queries or to let me know how you are getting on! I will look forward to hearing from you. 

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