Philosophy, Values and Results


Elaine brings an open, calm, pragmatic and heartfelt sense of our shared humanity, what it is to be human and work alongside others to help others become their best selves. That it is our relationships and in our humaneness that we find the connection, courage, clarity and compassion essential for personal fulfilment, professional development and business success.

Elaine’s  work is underpinned by the belief  that we all – as human beings – have natural and infinite possibilities for learning, growth and development were it is properly facilitated, nurtured and encouraged. Elaine’s gentle appreciative curiosity and questioning creates the safe spaces for people to freely open themselves up to their best thinking by accessing their own inner wisdom, resourcefulness and creativity.

Elaine’s approach blends eastern and western traditions of thinking and philosophy with the latest learning and research about human and leadership development to help people and teams learn how to learn.

Elaine adheres to the Code of Ethics which have been developed by the European Coaching and Mentoring Council, the Association for Coaching and the International Coaching Federation.

“Yes, thank you Elaine for your flexibility and belief in me to achieve my potential. You are almost telepathic in the way that you know what I am thinking. I respect your intuition, empathetic and direct style of coaching and found myself totally trusting your approach. Some great coaching moments that truly inspired and motivated me.”
BAA HR Business Partner



Through her approach leaders and practitioners say that they

  1. grow as a person and as a leader
  2. find new meaning and purpose in their personal and work lives
  3. find greater courage, clarity and compassion for leading themselves and others
  4. change the thinking behind their thinking
  5. change how they talk, create, learn and work
  6. achieve greater personal fulfilment, professional development and business success.


“I would recommend Elaine to anyone in search of an Executive Coach.  Whilst allowing me always to set the agenda and pace at our meetings, she is nonetheless rigorous in bringing me back to my strengths and development needs, enabling me to take charge of my on-going development, and to identify for myself successful work-related strategies and solutions.  I leave meetings with Elaine feeling positive, empowered, and energised”

  Althea Efunshile: Acting  Chief Executive at Arts Council England

“Elaine helped me to release the potential in me to achieve my deep dreams and to make them real. Any time I have spoken with her I have gained in self confidence and I have become stronger. Her style and her approach has determined my signature presence and my style of coaching”.
OD Consultant, Budapest