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My new book “Reflect to Create!  ” The Dance of Reflection, Reflective Practice and Supervision for Creative Leadership and Professional Practice” is out!

…Are you ready to discover how reflection can free your natural creativity…?


“Reflect to Create!  ” is a holistic philosophy and set of practices which are designed to free your innate creativity and humanity to craft wise, compassionate and skilful leadership, professional practice and supervision.

Explored through the metaphor of the dance brought alive by just under 200 practices, this book invites you - the reader - to dance with your own experience to reflect, learn and  create anew for inspired living and great work.

This book is your inspiration and guide as you dance with the rich tapestry of life from your everyday occupations to your search for inspiration and meaning and everything inbetween!

Based on the author’s research, her own story, and the latest thinking in the fields of relational dynamics, mindfulness, adult learning, creativity, and psychology “Reflect to Create!  ” is rooted in learning how we learn to create artful change by first owning your own humanity and then by bringing your shared humanity to work.

Elaine Patterson is an international Executive Coach and Coaching Supervisor, Reflective Thinking Partner and Writer. Her vision is to bring the transformative powers of reflection - and reflective learning - to an international audience of leaders and people professionals.

Reflect toCreate! is a veritable treasure trove of creative resources - a dance  in itself.  Elaine’s depth of knowledge and utterly engaging style entices and encourages the reader to dive deep, to experiment, and to be creative both for themselves and with their clients. This is a book that will travel with me in all weathers of my life as an on-going resource inviting me to reflect and deepen who I am and how I engage with the world.
Karyn Prentice, Fletcher Prentice & Associates
It is not often in my work that I come across an idea that is both original and eminently practical. “Reflect to Create!” is exactly that. Elaine Patterson’s research has clearly thrown up an unexplored area in the current discourse on reflection. I have no doubt that what Elaine is proposing here, is of immense importance. I have known Elaine professionally for many years now and I am always impressed with the keenness of her mind, her humanity, her thoroughness and her considerable gift in enabling her clients and her readers to catch an idea and to employ it. There is a space waiting on all our book shelves for her book!”
Edna Murdoch: Founder and Director of the Coaching Supervision Academy

The book is in three parts.

  • Part 1 The Philosophy: setting the stage, outlining the "Bigger Picture", the imperative for “Reflect to Create! ” and the choreography of Reflect to Create! 
  • Part 2 The Practice: choreographing the “Reflect to Create! ” dance, introducing the Prelude, and the three following core dance sequences - The Opening, The Flow and The Denouement -  (with their nice dance steps and associated practices), to unlock your natural powers for reflective learning and creativity.
  • Part 3 The Resources: signposting you  to additional references and resources

To download the Introduction click here: Introduction to Reflect to Create_Elaine Patterson

To order a signed copy please email:

Print copy available on Amazon. E Book available at Apple Bookstore and Kobo.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to support the implementation of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goal No. 4 for Quality Education and Lifelong Learning for all.

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Reflect to Create Cards designed to work with the book Reflect to Create The Dance of Reflection For Creative Leadership, Professional Practice and Supervision


Reflect to Create! Dance Cards

These beautiful dance cards have been designed as a companion to my book “Reflect to Create! The Dance of Reflection for Creative Leadership, Professional Practice and Supervision”

A selection of card spreads and quotations are offered as a way into the dance for you and for your clients.

The dance cards are designed for you to mix and match - and for you (and /or your clients) to be guided by your intuition to enter the dance where is needed - and to free flow to choreograph your next steps as your heart, mind, body and soul invites you.

To order a set of dance cards at £20.00 GBP (plus postage & packing), please email me at with your postal address to dance today!

As per my book, all proceeds go towards donating to support the implementation of the 2030 United Nations Development Goal No. 4 Education for All.


As a professional who has never worked in this field, I am aware that I am poorly qualified to judge this book, but since retirement has allowed time for long overdue reflection and creativity, there is a lot here that I recognise and can respond to. The author displays both detailed scholarly research and an intense emotional and spiritual awareness that are rarely combined. It is a comprehensive manual of ideas and practical exercises drawn from a vast range of disciplines ranging effortlessly through meditation, Buddhism, poetry, shamanism, neuroscience and modern pyschology - all aimed at improving the person studying it. The book provides a concise, accurate summary of numerous well established practices and an introduction to many that are novel to me...

Chris Chalumeau on Amazon UK

After reading this inspiring book I came away with creative ideas on how to delve deeper into different ways of ‘being’. As a Reflective Practitioner supporting leaders in turbulent times this book is a valuable resource and essential reading. Elaine is an expert in her field and this is clearly shown in the innovative way she has presented the exercises, insights and background research. I love the blend of practical systems thinking with creativity and metaphorical exploration. Highly recommended.

Jackie Arnold

so much good stuff here - highly recommended. a real treasure chest of reflective opportunities.

MS on Amazon UK

A treasure trove for self care, exploration and enhancement, with golden nuggets for coaching, leadership and life, accessible in any moment, brief or bountiful.
I recommend flicking open on a random page and undertaking the exercise which most speaks to you. Do this a few times, then take it from the top to understand how the author intends to offer these most generous gifts to maximise connection, compassion, courage and care. Enjoy, with all your heart.

Lauren Gable on Amazon UK

This is one incredible book – really beautifully designed, with clear sections, quotes, poetry and exercises, it offers a journey on a path less trodden, one that promises fulfilment, joy and creativity. Who of us in this busy world has time to reflect, really? The answer is, all of us – no matter what we are doing – because if we don't, we miss out on the opportunity to learn, evolve and create the life we were meant to lead. If we don't gift ourselves time to reflect and be creative, then we could remain on the treadmill of 'ought, must, and can't' for ever.

LouLou Foxes on Amazon UK

What I loved about this book, besides its beautiful feel as a book to handle and look through and keep discovering, was the fact I could have at my fingertips such a huge variety of approaches, methods and techniques for different ways to go deeper and wider with an inquiry that I might have and that I could use in work with my clients as issues arise. It is so comprehensive that I have the whole book decorated with post-it notes! Also sitting behind the resources themselves is the delicious model of the four movements...

Karyn Fletcher on Amazon UK

I love this book. It is packed full of practices to help you tap into your inner creative self. It's aimed at the coaching market, but even if that is not your speciality the author has written it in such a way as to make it accessible to the average person seeking to improve their life through the use of reflection and creativity. I love the practices that encourage you to stop and reflect and have been created around the theme of dance. By doing them in the order you are learning the "steps of the dance" and eventually they all become one beautiful whole...

Liane Ward-Cleaveley on Amazon UK

...This book is of great value whether one is seeking self-help material and inspiration or one is a ' professional helper ' - coach, counsellor, therapist, supervisor - and focussed on supporting others. Ultimately reflection is both an intensely personal and crucially collective activity. This book imaginatively offers these possibilities, that is, reaching out to oneself and others in the dance of life.

Keri on Amazon UK

Un livre que j’aurais aimé écrire.
Ce livre propose un cheminement de l'être au travers de ses différentes aspirations.Très bien structuré (et beau) si vous cherchez des exercices pour approfondir et élargir votre pratique reflexive, ou le faire avec un groupe, il est très complet. Je recommande.

JF on Amazon France

I had the opportunity to learn some valuable concepts and practices from this fabulous book, written with mastery by Elaine Patterson. Incredible synchronicity was generated in participants by the practice of the 4 Listening Fields (page 98) at a recent conference. What Elaine Patterson presents in this book is absolutely enchanting and proposed in a lively and original way. I super recommend it!

Clenir Streit, Leadership Development, Coach MCC, CMC) & (ACS) on Amazon Brazil

Other Books

  • Patterson E. (2019) "Coaching Supervision, Advancing Practice, Changing Landscapes" Edited by Jo Birch and Peter Welch
  • Patterson E. (2017) “Unlocking the Power of Reflection for Transformation in People, Teams and Organisations”. In “Contemporary Leadership Challenges” Edited by Aida Alvinius INTECH Press
  • Forward in “Loving Eric” A Story About Adoption, Attachment, Autism and ADHD” (2017) by Laura Morrissey
  • Patterson, E. (2013) “Reflective Learning and the Reflective Practitioner”. In Full Spectrum Supervision Ed Arnold, J. and Murdoch, E. London, Anoma Press.
  • Patterson, E. (2011) “Presence in Coaching Supervision”. In ‘Supervision in Coaching: Supervision, Ethics and Continuous Professional Development’ Ed. Passmore, J. London, Kogan Page. Available on Amazon
  • Major contributor to Parsloe, E. and Leedham, M. (2009) “Coaching and Mentoring: Practical Conversations to Improve Learning”. London, Kogan Page.
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