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Inspiration and Resources

Welcome to your Inspiration and Resources Section.  I hope that you find them helpful.  Your feedback would be much appreciated!


Card Sets



A NEW Lens for Coaching and Coaching Supervision “Being Fully Human – the 7C’s for Inquiry, Learning and Change. Download the Reflective Journal and Workbook here!

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Reflect to Create Cards designed to work with the book Reflect to Create The Dance of Reflection For Creative Leadership, Professional Practice and Supervision


These beautiful dance cards have been designed as a companion to my book “Reflect to Create! The Dance of Reflection for Creative Leadership, Professional Practice and Supervision”

A selection of card spreads and quotations are offered as a way into the dance for you and for your clients.

The dance cards are designed for you to mix and match - and for you (and /or your clients) to be guided by your intuition to enter the dance where is needed - and to free flow to choreograph your next steps as your heart, mind, body and soul invites you.

To order a set of dance cards at £20.00 GBP (plus postage & packing), please email me at with your postal address to dance today!

As per my book, all proceeds go towards donating to support the implementation of the 2030 United Nations Development Goal No. 4 Education for All.



Booklet: “Falling in Love with Reflection”
This Booklet explains some of my love affair with reflection, why it is important and how you can become a Reflective Practitioner.
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Booklet: “WHO you are is HOW you work’
This booklet was written by myself and Edna Murdoch who is Co-Founder of the Coaching Supervision Academy.

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“Reflect to Create!  ” The Dance of Reflection for Creative Leadership, Professional Practice and Supervision”
Out Now!

Download my Introductory Chapter here!

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Visit the Reflect to Create! YouTube channel for my latest films and videos. Watch here!

Free Resources

Other free articles which are available for download include:

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  • Patterson, E. (2015) Introducing CSA’s Leadership Full Spectrum Map: The Living Fields of Leadership WHO you are is HOW you lead” CSA Articles
  • Patterson, E. (2015) “What do we mean by the term CSA coaching ‘supervision’ and CSA Leadership super-Vision; An Ongoing Conversation“ CSA Articles
  • Patterson, E. (2015) “WHO you are is HOW you talk; The Art of Creating Creative Conversations Transforming Conversations to Transform Work”. CSA Articles
  • Patterson, E. (2015) “The Related Relational Leader because WHO you are is HOW you lead” CSA Articles
  • Patterson, E. (2015) “Why leading well is so difficult and how super-Vision can help. CSA Blog
  • Patterson, E. (2015) “Leading from “WHO you ARE” CSA Blog
  • Patterson, E. (2015) “What are leaders experiences of reflection?” What leaders and leadership developers need to know from the findings of an exploratory research study.
  • Patterson, E. (2014) “The Real Work of Leaders” CSA Articles
  • Patterson, E. (2014) “Mirror, Mirror.. Learning is Experience; Everything else is information” Entrepreneur February 2014
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