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A NEW Lens for Coaching and Coaching Supervision
“Being Fully Human – the 7C’s for Inquiry, Learning and Change
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Booklet: “Falling in Love with Reflection”
This Booklet explains some of my love affair with reflection, why it is important and how you can become a Reflective Practitioner.
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Booklet: “WHO you are is HOW you work’
This booklet was written by myself and Edna Murdoch who is Co-Founder of the Coaching Supervision Academy.
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“Reflect to Create!  ” Reflection, Reflective Practice and Supervision for Creative Leadership and Professional Practice”
Out Now!

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Free Resources

Other free articles which are available for download include:

  • Patterson, E. (2017) “Reflection as an Oasis for Busy People in Busy Times” in Association for Coaching Global Perspectives January 2017
  • Patterson, E. (2015) Introducing CSA’s Leadership Full Spectrum Map: The Living Fields of Leadership WHO you are is HOW you lead” CSA Articles
  • Patterson, E. (2015) “What do we mean by the term CSA coaching ‘supervision’ and CSA Leadership super-Vision; An Ongoing Conversation“ CSA Articles
  • Patterson, E. (2015) “WHO you are is HOW you talk; The Art of Creating Creative Conversations Transforming Conversations to Transform Work”. CSA Articles
  • Patterson, E. (2015) “The Related Relational Leader because WHO you are is HOW you lead” CSA Articles
  • Patterson, E. (2015) “Why leading well is so difficult and how super-Vision can help. CSA Blog
  • Patterson, E. (2015) “Leading from “WHO you ARE” CSA Blog
  • Patterson, E. (2015) “What are leaders experiences of reflection?” What leaders and leadership developers need to know from the findings of an exploratory research study.
  • Patterson, E. (2014) “The Real Work of Leaders” CSA Articles
  • Patterson, E. (2014) “Mirror, Mirror.. Learning is Experience; Everything else is information” Entrepreneur February 2014
  • Patterson, E. (2014) Summary of MA Research “What are leaders experiences of reflection?” CSA Articles
  • Grix, E. and Patterson E. (2010) “Coaching is landing at BAA”. In The OCM Journal 2010. Oxford
  • Buckle. L. and Patterson E. (2010) ‘Learning through the Art of Conversation”. In The OCM Journal 2010. Oxford
  • Patterson, E. (2009) “A Reflective Process Key to Transformational Learning”. In The OCM Journal 2009. Oxford.