Style and Approach

Today’s Challenges

Elaine’s work is firmly rooted in the real challenges which face leaders today.

These challenges include for example:


The Leader’s Choice

Leaders and practitioners stand on the threshold of these paradoxes and can choose to either create new future or repeat the habits of the past. They can choose to either usher in the new or continue with the same.

“Who you are” and “who you are becoming” therefore directly determines “how you lead”.

As according to Peter Senge “the success of any action depends on the inner state of the intervenor”, growing the person from the inside out is more important than ever if leaders are to find the courage to step into possibility rather than hold onto what is already known.


Elaine’s Approach

Elaine therefore sees her role as creating the spaciousness where these much larger and  more courageous conversations can take place. These are powerful creative and reflective conversations which actively support a leader’s personal journey into ever deepening connections to self, others and the world we live in for personal fulfilment, professional development, and business success.

And leaders report that when they are able to give themselves this gift of spaciousness, they  discover new empowering ways of thinking, talking, relating, creating, learning and working which enables them to step forward to create the future whilst successfully managing the day to day.

“Elaine has an authentic illuminating energy which rubs off on others – a fine balance between having an appreciative, positive approach while equally holding her client’s to account to reach their greatest performance levels. She is a true professional, who takes her own development seriously, continually striving for the highest standards both personally and professionally.”

Katherine Tulpa, Chair of the Association for Coaching and Co-Owner of Wisdom8

“I have no hesitation in using the superlative “excellent” in respect of her work. She is thoughtful, perceptive and can be equally supportive and challenging of her clients as required. She is also clearly intelligent and uses creative and innovative approaches to issues presented. She brings the highest level of commitment and professionalism to her work”.

Mike White: Senior Partner Working With People