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We are Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice and together we are the international award winning PattersonPrenticeDesigns. We are a unique design partnership bringing our shared love of the arts, nature, creativity, reflection and writing to the worlds of Executive Reflection, Coaching Supervision, Leadership and Professional Practice. Together, we design and host uniquely heart-based, soulful and somatic creative reflective learning experiences both on line and in beautiful places across the world both indoors and in green spaces.

We are both internationally accredited Executive Coaches, Coaching Supervisors,
OD Specialists and published Writers, and for 3 years we have co-led the
delivery of the Coaching Supervision Academy International’s Diploma in Coaching
Supervision in London.


Here we introduce you to our flagship Diploma - Cultivating and Choreographing the Rich Tapestry of Wholehearted Creativity” which is a Virtual 12 month Inquiry to re-Source You and re-Vitalise your Professional Life - as well as to the rest of our portfolio!  And we are now booking for our 4th Tapestry programme due to start in November 2023!


If you would like more information about any of our work, - or would like a bespoke design for
your own gatherings - please email us and we would be delighted to speak with you. Our emails
are Elaine at elaine@reflect2create.com or Karyn at karyn@fletcherprentice.com


Elaine and Karyn



Booking Now for November 2023!

Cultivating and Choreographing the Rich Tapestry of Wholehearted Creativity

An EMCC Global EQA Accredited Virtual 12 month Inquiry to re-Source You and re-Vitalise your Practice from PattersonPrenticeDesigns

Join us to explore your creativity to craft soulful change in a confusing world! 

Your head, your heart and your soul will thank you!

Your Invitation

Elaine and Karyn from PattersonPrenticeDesigns invite you to join them on their beautifully curated flagship Diploma journey with blends latest thinking with our love of the arts, music, poetry, film, design, and nature in a supportive community of like-minded professionals!

We invite you to hear your soul calling to you to gift yourself a precious and spacious year where you can explore the warp and weft of your own unique creativity, as you immerse yourself in the juices and the droughts of the creative cycle and experience first-hand the seasonal joys and frustrations of bringing your own creative project of your own choosing to life.


"I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance; to live so that which came to me as a seed goes to the next as a blossom and that which came to me as a blossom, goes on as fruit.”

Dawna Markova, Ph.D Writer and Speaker


Why Now?

As we resonate with the vibrations of all that is happening in our own lives and on the world stage, we believe that creativity’s connecting energy, messiness, playfulness, compassion, and courage is needed more than ever as we dare to re-imagine what is possible in whatever field we truly care about - and then to make it happen. We recognise that attending to our own expressions of creativity for our soul’s sake is vital to tending the flame of who we are - creativity for creativity’s sake - and in so doing we nurture a bigger, wider, and more vibrant space for being with others. 

Join us to discover how creativity can be seen as our new meta skill and superpower – whatever our field - to live a life full of joy, hope, meaning, vitality, and contribution – and to then be able to share that with others. 

“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” 
Maya Angelou


Our Design

The Diploma is divided into six modules – the six creative thresholds – over the

year as we dance with Nature’s natural rhythms. Each module combines theory 

and practice with poetry, practices, podcasts, webinars, community gatherings,

virtual cafés meet ups and 1:1 ‘creatorials’ with us! The learning is fun,

experiential, and experimental combining magic and mystery with the practical 

and the pragmatic. 

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” 
Scott Adams


What some of our Past Participants say… 

Tapestry is more than a course on creativity; it is an experience of life as creativity. Every aspect of the program is designed to evoke the creative energy in each of us. Karyn and Elaine are masters at creating safe spaces for the creative process to emerge and grow. Tapestry helped transform how I think about myself as a writer.

Ken Giglio, Mindful Leaders, USA 

The program is curated with so much love, insight, care, knowledge, and consideration of all participants and where they are in their life, personally and professionally. It is a deeply personal pilgrimage filled with new insights, connections, exploration, trust, curiosity, and inclusiveness. We always had your fullest of attention, loving fostering, and tender holding when the stuckness hit, only to come out stronger on the other side.

Ursula Clidiere, Coach and Coaching Supervisor, Switzerland

It is by far too simplified to call Wholehearted Tapestry a mere 'course'. Being part of this experience will hold you safely on a yearlong journey as you challenge and alter the way you see yourself, others, nature's seasons and your place in the world. Wholehearted Tapestry was a coming home to myself, my deep-rooted creativity, and my life purpose. I cannot recommend the course or the trainers enough!

Gillian Walter, Inside Out Coaching and Supervision, Switzerland

The Tapestry program proved to be a multisensorial extravaganza! I discovered a delicious bounty of heartfelt connections not only with Karyn and Elaine, and the participants, but with nature, with spirit, and with my creative soul.

Elizabeth Fowler, MD, Spiritual Director, Life and Leadership Coach, USA

“Thank you, Elaine and Karyn, for your wonderful inspiration, encouragement and warmth. This programme is essential learning for anyone working to help others in any discipline, perhaps I should say for anyone interested in what it means to be human. Our work needs more ‘Tapestry

Helen Reuben, Purple Tree, UK


For more information or to book your place please email either Elaine at elaine@reflect2create.com or Karyn at karyn@fletcherprentice.com

We look forward to hearing from you! Your soul will thank you!

Please click here for our full brochure.

We look forward to hearing from you!


A Year’s Immersion in Nature and the Wisdom of the Five Seasons to Enrich You and Your Coaching and Supervision Practice Starting March 2023!
Join Us!

This Series has been inspired by Karyn Prentice’s book “Nature’s Way Designing the Life you Want Through the Lens of Nature and the Five Seasons” taking its concepts and ideas into the field of coaching and supervision practice. It is based on our experience harvested by working in this way in 1:1’s and with groups for the last seven years. 

About this Series

This Series brings a fresh lens to the joys and the fruits of working in nature. We will walk together through each of the 5 seasons using the rich, varied, and creative metaphorical lens and language of nature opening you up new insights, new perspectives and fresh thinking which can nourish, inspire and resource you and your practice in new and different ways.

Come and Join Us!!  Click here for more information.


“BRIDGING THE UNKNOWN” : From Role Work to Soul Calling in Later Life.


Please do join us for our brand new 9-month programme called “BRIDGING THE UNKNOWN” : From Role Work to Soul Calling in Later Life.  “Bridging the Unknown” is a contemplative retreat–style programme on Zoom, which is as creative and exploratory, as it is experiential and experimental. In our new programme, we are responding to what we see as the invitation for each of us as we enter later life to ‘cross the bridge’ and move away from being so defined by ‘our multiple roles or jobs’ to honour the deeper yearnings of our soul for perhaps gentler but more profound ways of doing and being in the world. As we move into the late summer or autumn of our lives, we start to imperceptibly notice that our priorities, our relationships, our energies, and our interests – as well as our bodies-are subtlety changing. We can sense that we are being beckoned into a new terrain which can be as disorientating as it feels, tinged with hints of wonder and excitement. We believe that working with these evolving questions requires a different preparation to hold this precious – and often uncomfortable and sometimes taboo - space for ourselves as well as for others. We will explore what we have defined as nine key touchstones to bridge the unknown through an eclectic blend of music, poetry, art, mindfulness, creative invitations, reflective writing and deep conversations in a mix of 6 webinars and 3 longer retreat days across the 9-month programme.


So, the question arises: how do you want to RSVP to your later-life invitation?


For more information, please see our attached flyer and our longer more detailed brochure...

To speak to one of us, or to book your place, please email either Karyn at karyn@fletcherprentice.com or Elaine at elaine@reflect2create.com


Our Portfolio of Masterclasses, Retreat Days Webinars, and Workshops include the following:

Please note that all of our designs are bespoke to suit you and your gatherings. Do contact us for more information.


Reflect to Create! The Dance of Reflection for Creative Leadership, Professional Practice and Supervision”

Inspired by Elaine’s book, we offer a suite of webinars, courses, supervisions and masterclasses on “Reflect to Create!”. “Reflect to Create!”.is a holistic philosophy to explore our being and learning in the world for inspired living and inspiring work.  Explored through the metaphor of the dance with the four moves of The Prelude, The Opening, The Flow and The Denouement, Reflect to Create!offers you the choreography to support you and your clients to reflect, learn and create anew - or reshape the old - for inspired living and working at the personal, team or organisational level.  The book was also inspired by the archetype of the Labyrinth as a tool for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation and grounded in Elaine's training as a Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator.

For more information please contact Elaine at elaine@reflect2create.com



Sacred Landscape – Insight and Wisdom Through the Seasons”

Outdoor Supervision Group in London’s Parks and Gardens

Inspired by Karyn’s book “Nature’s Way: Designing the Life You Want through the Lens of Nature and the Five Seasons” we host a year long Group Supervision series called “Sacred Landscape – Insight and Wisdom Through the Seasons” in local parks and gardens. We are in our 8th series in London and have been invited to Brussels also. We also run webinars and masterclasses to teach and share our process of working with the five seasons of Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn and Winter.

For more information please contact Karyn at Karyn@fletcherprentice.com



Introducing Creativity’s Compass Rose: 8 Ways for You to Own your Creativity and to re-Source Your Practice”


“The most regretful people on earth”- wrote Mary Oliver in ‘Of Power and Time’ – “are those who felt the call of creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising and gave it neither power nor time” 


Inspired by Tapestry we have designed Creativity’s The Compass Rose™ We invite you to journey with us through the 8 cardinal points of our new The Compass Rose™ to find your own creative flourishing whatever direction you take.


We will also share what we have learned about creating to flourish from our students on our yearlong Tapestry Diploma journey as they explored their own creative voice and dived into a deeper appreciation of the ebbs and flows of the creative process.


For more information, please contact Elaine at elaine@reflect2create.com



The Compass Rose: Coming Home to Ourselves - A new creative and reflective practice to help you flourish as a practitioner and to grow your practice.”


Join us to explore The Compass Rose™ in webinars, masterclasses or Workshops. The Compass Rose™ is a new reflective practice designed to find a clear path to come home to all of WHO you are, WHO you are becoming and HOW you want to work in today’s complex and ever changing world. The Compass Rose™ invites you to step beyond your known toolbox to free you to navigate your creative centre to not only survive but to thrive and to flourish - and for you to discover or reaffirm what home and purpose now looks and feels like for you.


For more information, please contact Elaine at elaine@reflect2create.com


Introducing “Our Humanity@Work” Working with the 7Cs – the 7 Human Capacities – for Insight, Learning and Change A New Lens for Coaching, Supervision and Executive Reflection

The 7Cs for “Our Humanity@Work” is a new lens for coaching, coaching supervision and executive reflection, which has been designed by Elaine and developed by PattersonPrenticeDesign. Learning to work with the new lens is offered through a suite of webinars, supervisions and masterclasses. The Reflective Journal and Workbook is published in English and French - and the diagrams are translated in Portugese.

Beyond the practical, technical and rational the 7C’s live in the ever present field of our shared humanity. The 7C’s are our innate human capacities for Care, Courage, Curiosity, Connection, Compassion, Creativity and Contemplation which - when we invite them in - can create the space – and the added value - in which we can all learn to flourish in our VUCA world.

The 7Cs have been road tested in an action research project at Guys and St Thomas’ Foundation Hospital in London and with coaches and coaching supervisors across the world. The article describing how the 7C’s work won the Highly Commended Award in the 2019 Coaching@Work Best Article Category.

For more information please contact Elaine at elaine@reflect2create.com



Write to Create! @ “The Write Place”™


We designed The Write Place in response to the COVID pandemic so that we could find solace in writing alone, together.

Our vision was to host a sanctuary for people all over the world to gather to meditate and to write together as a way of supporting and resourcing ourselves as we navigate all that is happening within ourselves and around us. The methodology is designed into our new flagship Diploma and we will be publishing our learning from our co-hosting of our silent writing sanghas. We have continued to offer Salons and Writing Challenges based on our The Write Place”™ approach, with more coming soon!

For more information please contact Elaine at elaine@reflect2create.com or karyn@fletcherprentice.com


Weekend and Day Retreats

We are retreat leaders renowned for hosting beautiful Spring and Autumn Equinox Retreats at Tofte Manor in the UK as well as Winter Solstice Day Retreats in London.

For more information please contact Elaine at elaine@reflect2create.com and Karyn at Karyn@fletcherprentice.com


Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” 

Jalal al-Din Rumi