“Elaine Patterson is a first class Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor who demonstrates in both her attitude and her practice the highest standards of Executive Coaching. She has a big impact on her clients and works successfully across the full range of coaching situations and contexts. Her insightfulness and humanity are well balanced by excellent training and dedication to her Continuing Professional Development.’
Edna Murdoch: Co-Founder and Director Coaching Supervision Academy


“I have no hesitation in using the superlative “excellent” in respect of her work. She is thoughtful, perceptive and can be equally supportive and challenging of her clients as required. She is also clearly intelligent and uses creative and innovative approaches to issues presented. She brings the highest level of commitment and professionalism to her work”.
Mike White: Senior Partner Working With People


“I would recommend Elaine to anyone in search of an Executive Coach. Whilst allowing me always to set the agenda and pace at our meetings, she is nonetheless rigorous in bringing me back to my strengths and development needs, enabling me to take charge of my on-going development, and to identify for myself successful work-related strategies and solutions. I leave meetings with Elaine feeling positive, empowered, and energised”
Althea Efunshile: Executive Director at Arts Council England


“Elaine has an authentic illuminating energy which rubs off on others – a fine balance between having an appreciated positive approach while equally holding her clients to account to reach their greatest performance levels. She is a true professional, who takes her own development seriously, continually striving for the highest standards both personally and professionally.”
Katherine Tulpa: Chief Executive, Association of Coaching


“Yes, thank you Elaine for your flexibility and belief in me to achieve my potential. You are almost telepathic in the way that you know what I am thinking. I respect your intuition, empathetic and direct style of coaching and found myself totally trusting your approach. Some great coaching moments that truly inspired and motivated me.”
BAA HR Business Partner


“Elaine helped me to release the potential in me to achieve my deep dreams and to make them real. Any time I have spoken with her I have gained in self-confidence and I have become stronger. Her style and her approach has determined my signature presence and my style of coaching”.
OD Consultant, Budapest


“Elaine is a highly experienced supervisor with a light touch. Her relational presence is supportive, her insights and observations useful and informative. Our supervision relationship guided me through periods of intense personal change and nurtured me through some challenging times”
Liz Nottingham, HR Director in Social Media EMEA at R/GA


“I started my supervision with Elaine curious about how to create the space for transformational learning to take place and she has shown me that in abundance. At key moments Elaine was there with tenderness and guidance. We played with metaphors together creating images of myself working authentically as a reflective practitioner. Elaine listened to what my heart was saying I needed and played it back to me so I would take notice and respond. Her acceptance without judgement provided me with the safety to explore and celebrate with joy who I am and how I practice”
Frances Mathews Executive Coach, Q-Learning Ltd

Testimonials from Weekend Retreats

“The Fall Retreat was a magical experience. I highly recommend it. Under Karyn’s and Elaine’s sensitive facilitation, all of us were invited to enter at whatever level we needed. The retreat offers a light touch with varied activities that speak to different parts of ourselves, and our different styles. It’s a time to both disconnect and reconnect. It is enhanced by beautiful accommodation, nature’s healing touch, sumptuous meals, and participants who have respect for each other’s space. I came needing time to reflect, re-energize, and refresh myself since so much of my time is focusing on others. This was time and space just for me. I left feeling lighter and clearer; at peace and content in spirit and soul. This is an investment in myself that I would do again with no hesitation. Thank you Karyn and Elaine for the opportunity”.
Lynne De Lay, USA from One World Leaders


'I struggle to articulate the pleasure and energising impact of my experience on the Autumn Equinox Retreat. Such care and creativity went into its design and execution. In a varied and gentle way it took me to a deep, revealing and comforting place. The venue and environment defy description for their beauty, peacefulness and sumptuous luxury encapsulating a spiritual and energetic harmony that lifts the heart and soul.'
Jane Emmanuel from Jane Emmanuel Ltd Coaching | Leadership | Facilitation


“The Spring Sacred Space Retreat at Tofte Manor facilitated by Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice was a truly inspirational event. Their light touch facilitation and amazing empathy enabled me to arrive into the space and make the most of their practices over the 48 hours we were together. They are truly gentle guides. They enabled the community to engage and come together with ease within the beautiful, inspirational surroundings of Tofte Manor supported by the hospitality team led by Kate who kept us sustained with beautiful vegetarian fare. The laughter around the dining table was as vital to the process as walking the Labyrinth”
Caroline J Lambert
Development Consultant
'Developing People , Developing Organisations


“The elegant manor, steeped in time, nourished and settled me. The fields, gardens, tree elders, and sculptures called to me. The labyrinth unburdened and lifted me. I played and shared with the other participants, speaking less of work and more of life. And over it all Elaine, Karyn and Jo directed the retreat with skill and permeated my experience with love”.
Elizabeth Fowler MD LLC
Spiritual Direction
Leadership & Life Coaching


“Please allow me to recommend this lovely retreat.
Karyn and Elaine are masters of creation – in orchestrating a profound and magical setting and process.
I came in need of refreshing and depart sated in body and soul. Allow yourself this retreat.
Your heart will thank you. And I thank Karyn and Elaine and Tofte Manor.
Adrienne McDunn


“The retreat was an absolute joy to be part of. It was skillfully planned and expertly facilitated in a way that seemed effortless (but I am sure it wasn’t!). There was plenty to do or not do as you so wished. The group, the individuals and the energy were allowed to naturally flow. The venue was superb. I felt hugely rejuvenated and think that I achieved very significant personal results in a short space of time: changes that are lasting. I would attend again. Go in with an open mind and heart, be ready to deeply relax and yet challenge yourself, wake up the right brain and BREATHE”
Viv Chitty, Director of Viv Chitty Associates, Executive Coach and Coach Supervisor.


“The Autumn retreat at Tofte Manor was a rare-treat. The spirit of it echoed harmoniously with the magic of the place and created a wonderful space in which to attend to our bodies, minds and souls and harvest.”
“L’esprit de cette retraite automnale a trouvé un écho harmonieux dans la magie de Tofte Manor et a créé un précieux espace de récolte saisonnière pour nos corps, esprits et âmes.”
Edith Coron. Paris- Beijing
Global Leadership Coach (PCC-ICF) and Coach Supervisor


“This was my second Autumn Equinox Retreat at Tofte Manor with Elaine and Karyn. During these two days I filled my harvesting basket to the brim and left with a deep sense of serene plenitude. The fruit of my labyrinth walk in 2016 had nourished me throughout the yeay and this Autumn’s Labyrinth walk has given me powerful new insights. Tofte Manor’s soul, Elaine and Karyn’s thoughtful, meticulous and caring hosting create a precious space for self reflection in the company of inspiring people”
Edith Coron EOC Intercultural Ltd


“I wanted to be able to come to the retreat to recover when the stress in my life was over, but it was not over. Taking the time out to come anyway was such a gift! The retreat provided space for me to just be and to realise the benefit of that. I learned the value of giving that gift to myself and I intend to make that part of my self-support system. Thank you.”
Evelyn Thomas Lizard Coaching Supervision


“Just as enjoyable and thought provoking the second time round. I left feeling energised and refreshed - my mind felt like it had been on a two week retreat. Thank you”
Gail LIneham Aspire People Development


‘I experienced a rich, inspirational time in a sanctuary set amidst a beautiful, snowy landscape which offered a journey into a more peaceful, compassionate world. The learning was profound and we had plenty of time to reflect, connect with nature and our creative side, all in the company of warm hearted, friendly people and wise and caring leaders’.
Rosemary Sandham, Counselling, Coaching and Mindfulness

Testimonials from Leaders and Clinicians participating in the Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital Peer Supervision Programme:

“Gratitude for the teaching, experience, gifts, journals, books, …… An undeserved favour.. rare to receive this at work. Thank you for what you have to bring in heart, skill and insight…….”


“Supervision is an element of humanity that has been absent from my life. I feel valued in the sessions for WHO I am. I can bring myself safely into the work we are doing. This is bringing courage and confidence into not only WHO I am as a coach but also as a leader”


“It is absolutely brilliant in every way – especially when I listen to the issues that other people bring, learn from their thoughts and other people’s ideas and observations. I understand what you mean now when you say “when one person works, everyone works!”


“The process has been life changing for me already.. giving me the tools and resources to explore many difficult questions…… It is not just about coaching supervision – it is so much bigger and more powerful. Thank you from the whole of my heart”