Reflect to Create!


Reflect to Create!” helps busy people discover for themselves new ways of wholeheartedly thinking, learning, relating, living and working in today’s world of unprecedented and continuous change.

“Reflect to Create!” has been inspired by Elaine’s original research, her own leadership and life experiences, and what her clients are saying.

“Reflect to Create!” has been inspired by what busy people everywhere say that they both want and need which is:


“Reflect to Create!” is a new body of work which is describing, inspiring and championing the conscious design of reflective spaces, relationships, maps and practices which can free our natural curiosity, courage, creativity, hearts, souls and humanity for responsible, wise and ethical decision making and action.



“Reflect to Create!” is seeding a new book, retreats, executive reflection and leadership development programmes, and conference presentation and webinars; and has helped inspire the foundation of the Coaching Supervision Academy’s International Centre for Reflective Practice.

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